Coastal Icons

The coastal icon series is an intimate collection of paintings done on thick canvases, twelve inches square. I paint whatever inspires me that day: a yoga pose on Venice beach, a 1947 Woodie dappled in sunlight, a bicycle rider on the Manhattan Beach strand, a kid playing in the surf, a surfer waxing his board. Sometimes I am inspired by the perfect light itself, and paint quickly to capture the exact colors. Every tiny increment of time has new meaning, and one single sunset has inspired a dozen paintings.

People like to hang this art salon style, all together on the same wall. You collect your favorites over the years and piece them together to form a narrative. Maybe you start with a painting of a PCH sign, add a 1964 convertible, then some surfers sitting by a fire pit. These paintings ask you: what is your California story? And do you know what the ending might be?

All on thick, gallery wrap 12×12 canvases, $750.00. Ask me about the quantity discount you will receive for telling your story through art.